Some Final Touches

In the last weeks running up the final year project presentation I have been making a few final tweaks to the documentary. Things that needed re-fining and touching up included colour grading and the fixing and mastering of audio levels.

Colour Grading

Colour grading was done using the in-house correction tools that were in offer in Final Cut X, the editing platform used for this project. Only a few scenes needed to be graded initially, mainly due to the incorrect white balance that was used in one of the interviews. For example in the interview with Adrian Crowley (which can be seen below), one of the cameras white balance was set to 5600k – a day time setting, where as the other camera was set to 4200k which had a more blue tint to it. This needed some tweaking to get the correct balance between both interviews. Some other cutaways and performances were also corrected and brightened where exposure was a bit low.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 00.19.52

Audio Level Correction/ Mastering

Some other parts that needed looking at and correction included the balancing of audio levels. All interviews where captured using a Zoom H4N connected to a Sennheiser mic so the sound from each interview was top quality however some locations proved issues with background noises. As Sive’s interview was filmed in a park some general wind needed to be reduced, these were fixed using the great new audio filters in Final Cut X. This was fixed using the ‘Rumble Reducer’ filter, levels were also fixed using the ‘Compressor’ filter in the software

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 14.40.08

The interview with Conor needed to be adjusted as well to reduce the sounds of people talking in the background at the café the interview was filmed in.


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