Mid-Semester Presentation Review

So just this week gone we were asked to present all the work we had done so far for our final year projects. Tension was high in the camp as everyone tried to finish of any final touches on the work they had done so far.

Ian my supervisor told me to mainly concentrate on my rough cut in the presentation. We were each given a 7 minute window to present so I prepared a quick 2 minute presentation summing up everything I had done since January leaving the remainder of the time for my rough cut hoping the work would speak for itself. In my presentation I focused on the Interviews I had done so far, my workflow in the editing room and my plans for the last month of the semester.

Password is the subject matter. 5 letters. Come on.

As we only had a 3 hour slot for everyones presentations so the feedback from the panel was short if not nothing. The general response for mine was quite good I think.

Someone mentioned they all looked comfortable and were given great answers which can be the hardest thing to get right in interviews, other comments included fixing audio levels and trying to stick with a particular style for my cutaways and interviews (which I’ve already been discussing with my supervisor the past few weeks).

Over the next few weeks I’m going to begin an Internet social media campaign in support of my documentary through facebook and twitter. Before I do that I need to hone in what I want to call the documentary.

The best and funniest name I’ve thought of so far and friends have recommended  include “luke byrne investigates, a luke into songwriting, songwriting 101 with luke byrne”

Here’s my slides from the presentation:

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 15.12.42

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 15.12.47

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 15.12.49

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 15.12.52


Inspiring films – A SKIN, A NIGHT, a film by Vincent Moon.

Tonight I re-watched a documentary I seen a year ago or so that I think influenced me very heavily the time I first watched it – unknown to me at the time. From what I gather, Vincent Moon is a one man band when filming but there’s something about the way he cuts from scene to scene that just makes the whole thing very smooth and an absolute joy to watch. This film documents the band, The National in between recording their third album ‘Boxer’ (which would ultimately lead to their commercial breakthrough) and just coming of touring their last album.

As some of you may know, Vincent Moon is the creator behind the revolutionary and popular web series La Blogothèque and the Take-Away Shows which have also had a big influence on me and many other indie film-makers today.

Whether purposely or not he also uses some hidden metaphors in the documentary that when i first watched wouldn’t of picked up but noticed a second time. For example in between touring and starting to record the album there’s a brief in between scene of a group of kids playing with paper planes, this could be said to be a metaphor for there rise in popularity and success that would come upon them after recording the album.

It documents the process of the album very cleverly and beautifully, “it’s almost like he’s not here”, even as one of the band members say.

It was made back around 5-7 years just before the DSLR revolution, and what I kind of like about this documentary is the look and feel of the overall piece. It’s kinda grainy but in a nice way with some really warm colours and a sort of enhanced contrast which works really well for this film. I really like some of the shots he composed in the film also. It maybe an on the fly documentary, but he sure took the time to think about how we would compose his shots and as Ian Cudmore mentioned the other day in a lecture “Always think about how it will make it’s way into the edit when filming” this is something you can clearly see how the film-maker was thinking when filming this documentary.

I took some grabs of shots I really liked for inspiration:



Working In Digital Media with Fiona Kelly.

In WIDM this week are guestspeaker was Fiona Kelly from Glimmer Digital Design her own idependant buisness & She is also apart of FLK studio.

Here is the link to her website > http://www.glimmer.ie/

The theme of this week’s lecture was “Inspiration!” and this is what Fiona came into to talk about . Over the course of the lecture, Fiona shared her knowledge of the best ways of finding inspiration and how it’s not actually stealing! HAPPY days!

Fiona started of her talk by showing us a Quote from a guy called Jim Jarmusch. This quote could be considered very controversial. You’ll see why now.

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with
inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films,
music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random
conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds,
bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from
that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft)
will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is nonexistent.
And don’t bother concealing your thievery
– celebrate it if you feel like it.”

Jim Jarmusch

He really doesn’t hold back eh?

After showing us this quote, Fiona begin telling us about loads of cool websites where we can draw all types of inspiration’s from.

  • Smashing Magazine
  • iStock Photo
  • Del.ic.ious
  • Digg
  • and many many more…

Fiona then told us about some projects she did and the process of finding Inspiration she went through over the course of the project, and how she applied this to her work without actually infringing copyright or plagiarising the original author’s work.


When first starting of a project, Fionna spends the first few weeks researching her clients previous work etc and possible idea’s etc So this is what Fiona did first when doing this project. As she was designing the footer for there website she spent a lot of her research looking at Scooter Island’s previous logo’s, and style’s, and seeing how she could apply this to the footer.

So firstly in any project! RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH.

She noticed through her research that Scooter Island had used alot of Vespa – Mod – Ska styles in there advertising etc, so she knew she’d be using something similar to this is her footer. Next she looked through vinatage, 50’s + 6o’s website’s and took out design elements from these websites she liked and seen how she could apply this to her’s.

In the end she came up with this! >>

Finished Header!

Fiona told us the final footer & finished product was something like her 5th attempt and went through many different prototypes! Something else Fiona told us.. To always save your work and keep previous projects cause you never know when you might need it again. So another message from the talk.


Fat Kitty Films – Logo Design

For her next project she was approached by this film company to design there new logo. They told her they wanted something with a 50’s- esque design element, so for research she spent alot her times looking through hunderds of font’s associated with the 50’s, colour scheme’s, shapes and many other things associated with the 50’s aswell as Illustarted Cat’s as the Company’s name was Fat Kitty Films.

Fat Kitty Films Logo

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival  –  Web design

For her next project She was approached by Dublin Gay Theatre Festival to design the layout of there new Website.

For her research she looked through other Gay festival website’s – and took elements from these websites she liked and tried to apply this to the website of the festival.

She also looked through general web design layout’s, + looked through the previous logo’s and design’s of the previous years of the Dublin Festival.

( Which she didn’t like)…But was told she had to include this into her finished design so her orignal idea of designing a new logo/webpage went out the window but this was to be expected so it didn’t bother Fiona that much.

Finished Layout

My Home.ie – Banner Ad

Fiona was approached by Myhome.ie to create a banner ad in there current online campaign on “Buying Holidays Abroad – A future investment or a new home ”

As this campaign was on home’s abroad she wanted to create a banner that would show elements of life aborad – Sunshine, beaches, you get the idea.

This is a snippet of her finished banner which she created in adobe flash professional.

Myhome.ie - Banner Ad

Puca – Website Redesign

Her next client was Puca who are mobile marketing phone company, they approached her and asked Fiona to re-design there website based on stuff they liked from other marketing websites, combining them together to make the puca website . Intelligent stealing – which was what this blog was all about!

Fiona's Re-Design of the puca website

I learned alot of from this lecture. I know now that when starting a project the first thing I should do is RESEARCH, RESEARCH,  RESEARCH, & more research……. Such a simple thing but I never realised how easily you can get inspired by anything be it over-hearing a conversation on a bus between two people, seeing a photograph you like… and the list goes on. Overall this lecture is something I will take through the rest of my life.

See ya next time …

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