Fionn Regan – Recording Process Diary

This was the video that inspired me to go ahead about making making this documentary for my Final Year Project. I really like the subtle use of his Narration as it shows him working in his creative space but also the surrounding area, really capturing what a beautiful experience it must of been to record there. I also like how it’s not set up as a formal kind of interview it’s just him talking about his views on writing and art.


Creative Inspirations – Simone Legno

Simone Legno

As we had no guest-speaker some weeks ago we were told to delve into the Creative Inspiartions video’s has on offer. This installment of Creative Inspirations was on the Itialian Artist Simone Legno well known for being the creator of the Tokidoko brand which is heavily influenced by Simone’s love and affection for the Japanese culture.

Some of Tokidoko’s best known characters are

  • SANDy


So as I said Simone Legno is An Italian Artist from Rome well know for his Japanese style Animations/Characters.

Simone was interested in Art from an early age as his mother was a Painter, and because his family couldn’t afford much toys for Simone he spent the majority of his youth doing what he loved : DRAWING!

From an early age he was drawing and because his drawings were so good his Teacher in school even put them up around the entire school.

After school Simone began studying Political Science but he soon discovered that this would not be for him.

Internet Revolution

After this, Simone luckily got his hands on Illustartor through a friends brother who was an Architect. Simone was amazed with the prospect of being able to bring his characters to life with the technology advances the web was going through with Flash.

This is what drove his ambition to go to Design school. Through Design school he learned that the classic advertisment route would not be for him so he jumped on-board the internet revolution and set up a portfolio website namd Tokido showing all his animations etc and not before long he turned this into a brand with his buisness partner.

Simone gave some wise words during the video saying ” Being humble is key” . You never stop learning, so always push yourself to learn more be it a particular software; Lets use Adobe’s new CS5 as an example. Some people may think they know everything about a particular software but as technology advances there’s more and more cool things to learn + there’s always someone who will be there to snatch up your place so the key thing he meant was always push yourself.

Something I thought was cool about Simone’s process of bringing a character to life was that there all skecthes first. If I hadn’t watched the video’s I would’ve thought they were made digitally in Illustrator/Photoshop.

Animation Process :

  • Does a sketch
  • Takes a photo with his Iphone
  • Upload’s it
  • Takes it into Illustrator
  • Using the pen tools he draws the outline of the character
  • Using other Illustator tools he apply’s colours to the animation

I thought it was cool how he showed step by step how he brought his characters to life and really enjoyed the overall video. Animating is something i’ve really into over the past few months and would love to learn more about it.

Creative Inspirations – Ron Crabb

So this week in WIDM as we had no guestspeaker so we were told to delve into the creative inspirations videos that offers. The dude I picked was a very down to earth American Motion Graphics/Fine Arts expert called Ron Crabb.

In his first few video’s he talks about Brainbridge Island, his home and his workspace which would be considered unsual for a Motion Graphics Editior as the majority of people in his field would live in such place’s as Hollywood,LA. He go’s on to talk about how he asked the people he was working for would they mind if he moved to this place Brainbridge Island which is in Washington as he could do all his work from home because of the glorious internet and the freedom it offers to people in are field of work. They seen no problem with this and this is what ultimately led Ron to becoming a Matt painter as it allowed him to work from home compared to a Motion Graphics editor who would have to be on set editing, and shooting etc!

As a Career plan Ron didn’t really have one which is kinda funny for such a  succesful person that he is now. He originally intended to be an illustrator but because of requirements etc he needed two foreign languages. So he went to a few classes to bump up on his languages but didn’t like it so he went out on a limp and as he says in the video” Sold his bike and went to California to try and become an artist.

He first got a job at a ski shop desiging t-shirts which was his first expierence of being an artist, which then led him to doing logo designs. Then one of the guys in the shop got him an interview at some art college called aacp which he got accepeted into. In this he did news graphics which then led him into the path of Motion Graphics which led him on to Matte painting.

So Matte painting , what is it? Ever seen a movie where you asked yourself : God how did they film that or make that look so realalistic? ..In this case the background was most likely matte painted. This is so easy to do now ( well not the actuall painting) but easy to put into practice today with all of the Digital improvemens the world has expierenced the past few years with Photoshop etc. Even little adjustments to a scene that movie makers want they might get a Matte painter to paint to safe money aswell as time.

At the moment this is Ron’s as he puts it “Bread & Butter”

An example of A Matte Painting:

This is an example of a Matte Painting that you would see in such fiction based movies like Star Wars

Ron has worked on such movies as

  • The Last Summari
  • The Bucket List
  • X-men 2 and many more…

In the movie the bucket list starring Samuel L Jackson & Jack Nicolson there’s one scene of the movie where there at the Taj Mahal in India, and this particular matte painting was quite difficult as he to add a camera move to his painting, to make the painting look realistic.

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