What do Artists do all Day?

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I just watched a great documentary on BBC4 called “What do Artists do all Day” and was very inspired by it. It’s basically like an insight to an Artist’s process. I will speak more on this later I promise. They guy featured on this episode is a Scottish painter called Jack Vettriano.

It gave me great ideas for in the editing room.

Definitely worth the record button.



Creative Inspirations – Ron Crabb

So this week in WIDM as we had no guestspeaker so we were told to delve into the creative inspirations videos that Linda.com offers. The dude I picked was a very down to earth American Motion Graphics/Fine Arts expert called Ron Crabb.

In his first few video’s he talks about Brainbridge Island, his home and his workspace which would be considered unsual for a Motion Graphics Editior as the majority of people in his field would live in such place’s as Hollywood,LA. He go’s on to talk about how he asked the people he was working for would they mind if he moved to this place Brainbridge Island which is in Washington as he could do all his work from home because of the glorious internet and the freedom it offers to people in are field of work. They seen no problem with this and this is what ultimately led Ron to becoming a Matt painter as it allowed him to work from home compared to a Motion Graphics editor who would have to be on set editing, and shooting etc!

As a Career plan Ron didn’t really have one which is kinda funny for such a  succesful person that he is now. He originally intended to be an illustrator but because of requirements etc he needed two foreign languages. So he went to a few classes to bump up on his languages but didn’t like it so he went out on a limp and as he says in the video” Sold his bike and went to California to try and become an artist.

He first got a job at a ski shop desiging t-shirts which was his first expierence of being an artist, which then led him to doing logo designs. Then one of the guys in the shop got him an interview at some art college called aacp which he got accepeted into. In this he did news graphics which then led him into the path of Motion Graphics which led him on to Matte painting.

So Matte painting , what is it? Ever seen a movie where you asked yourself : God how did they film that or make that look so realalistic? ..In this case the background was most likely matte painted. This is so easy to do now ( well not the actuall painting) but easy to put into practice today with all of the Digital improvemens the world has expierenced the past few years with Photoshop etc. Even little adjustments to a scene that movie makers want they might get a Matte painter to paint to safe money aswell as time.

At the moment this is Ron’s as he puts it “Bread & Butter”

An example of A Matte Painting:

This is an example of a Matte Painting that you would see in such fiction based movies like Star Wars

Ron has worked on such movies as

  • The Last Summari
  • The Bucket List
  • X-men 2 and many more…

In the movie the bucket list starring Samuel L Jackson & Jack Nicolson there’s one scene of the movie where there at the Taj Mahal in India, and this particular matte painting was quite difficult as he to add a camera move to his painting, to make the painting look realistic.

Working In Digital Media with Emma Wade

This week in WIDM are guest-speaker was artist Emma Wade.

Emma gave us a run through of her time-line from everything she’s done from college, to her general working career as a graphic designer then to becoming an Artist.

Firstly to start things off Emma graduated in 2002 from the Institute of Art & Design Dun Laoghaire. Apon graduating for the next 2 years she worked in Design Company. Next she then worked in high street printers for a good year or so. Emma said she gained alot of experience here & head up that other Graphic Designers didn’t have, because she worked in a printers she was accustomed to working under-pressure and was used to the stress of meeting deadlines not forgetting the knowledge of printing also.

Sometime in 2005 Emma went to IMMA – the irish museum of modern art. After experiencing this – She then knew it was Art where her destiny lay.

Wanting to become an Artist Emma did a Masters Degree in the Fine Art Department in NCAD. She commentted that for the first year she didn’t half a breeze what people were talking about half of the time, as Artists are thought to think completely different.

The Cheer Up Project for NCAD

For her big project at the end of first year Emma created the “Cheer Up” sound installation. This idea spanned from one morning when she awoke to the sound of cheering as she lived in the inner-city and there was a national marathon taking place and she thought to herself – wouldn’t it be awesome to awake to that every morning . A real feel good eh? The way her project was set up in the muesem was very simple. There was a mat with two large speakers facing towards the person that was standing on the mat. Next when someone stud on the mat cheering would begin and the more time you standed on the mat the louder the cheering got. Emma showed us some videos of people on the mat. One that stud out was an actor on the mat. You know how they love themself’s!!

Cheer - Up Project.


A Video of peoples reactions to the cheer up

Rexotrek – Emma’s Masters Project.

One day after bringing her parents dog “Rex” on a walk, Emma thought to herself wouldn’t it be great to see the life through the eyes of a dog so she thought she’d do some study and attempt to do it. So for the next 6-8 months Emma studied her dog day and night studying all his move’s & habit’s. To help her more she used a  gps, a mini cctv camera and a skype headset to get a more Point of View from Rex. She commented that Rex loved all of the stuff she attached to him for any of you animal lovers! From all of this Emma created an Exhibition called “Rexotrek”. To see the project you had to crawl on your hand’s and knee’s to really expierence the point of view from the dog . She said this was quite a risk but was really surprised with how entusiastic people took the exhibition.

Emma preparing the Rexotrek Exhibition.

The Dog himself! – from a close source he really enjoyed the expierence. haha


People interacting with the Exhibiton


> Rexotrek Video on Vimeo.

After completing her Masters Emma took part in a 3 month internship at the Guggenheim museum in Manhatton, New York.

Emma thought people Adobe Photoshop and more about Art. She said it was a chance of a lifetime and that she was delighted she got the oppurtunity to do such a thing. While her she built up some good contacts that would help her with some exhibitions down the line so it was a very benefital 3 months for Emma . She also loved the teaching aspect of it which she thought she never had it in her.

I’m a huge fan of architecture and the guy Floyd Llyod Wright who designed the guggenheim building in New York  is one of my favourite architecture’s. This Design was something that no-one had ever tried to create before.

The Interior of the Guggenheim Museum.

On the topic of Guggenheim make sure to check out an awesome Irish Folk/Rock/Pop 3-piece called The Guggenheim Grotto. One of my favourite bands!

Recently Emma has taken an Artist resedincy in the Limerick City Gallery of Art where she worked on a project called “Behind Smoke & Mirror’s” for a month. Emma said it was a weird experience – saying it was almost the Big Brother for Artists! People from the general public could wander in and just talk to them about there current work, they also gave a number of lecture’s & workshop’s.

Emma’s latest work is the H.U.G.S. (Human Utopian Generation System) Inspired from the recent global phenomenon of “FREE HUGS”.

The System gives the user the sensation & feeling of getting a real hug.

The jacket is made out  of bin bag’s and bike tubes.

I really enjoyed looking at all of Emma’s projects, they were all interesting and I loved her style and the way she could generate an idea from everyday life. Personally I dont think Art combined with Digital Media would be the right direction for me but who knows maybe a trip to Imma in the near future may have the same effect on me as it did with Emma!

Until my next post….

See ya!

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