I’m sad to say…

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After much discussing this week with some of my close classmates and final year supervisor Ian I have decided to cut out Matt Barnson out of my documentary. I Interviewed Matt a month or so ago and he gave me an excellent insight into the mind of a classical composer and the process one would normally follow. During the easter holiday I made a few rough cuts. In these early rough cuts I was establishing who the musician was and what sort of musical background they came from while also showcasing where they would usually begin with a song/piece of work. A close friend mentioned to me that even though Matt was giving some interesting questions, he didn’t really fit in nicely with the other interviewees. I didn’t really see this at first, I think I was maybe trying to ignore it cause I wanted him to be a part of the project so much. After much talk and feedback with a few people, a lot of people felt the same.

Most obviously for the reason that Matt is a classical composer and the other people I’ve interviewed so far are singer-songwriters but I also think it’s maybe his american accent that are maybe throwing people a little. That’s a bad way of putting it but you know what I mean, the reason it’s not flowing as nicely. The other people I filmed are also all Irish songwriters so I’m thinking I can incorporate this into the documentary too. This makes me sound kinda biased to musicians outside Ireland but that’s not the case I promise.

I just think and feel this will give me more space to play around with rather than clogging up the documentary with different types of musicians just cause I can. I also think for the amount of time I’m aiming for (15 minutes) that 5 musicians would be a bit to much. 4 musicians seems like a nicer balance for that amount of time in my head.



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