Interviewee Number Two: Matthew Barnson

Being a one man band, cool mics and backing up

I knew filming purely on my own wasn’t going to be easy but it was a decision I made from the very beginning.

In order to get the most honest and truthful  answers from my interviewees I believed it would be best if I just interview them on my own. Now when I mean on my own, I mean not bringing anyone to assist me in filming and setting up sound and cameras etc. It was something which I discussed with my first project supervisor Hugh, he felt the same about the situation too so it was decided.

I film a good bit of stuff outside of college so I’m well used to setting up cameras and using the sound equipment but still some of these things can become the hardest tasks when you bring into the equation time, pressure and general nervousness.

So far I have filmed two subjects for my documentary, Peter Doran – a folk singer/songwriter from Mullingar and Matthew Barnson – a classical composer from Utah currently teaching at Trinity College. Yesterday on friday afternoon I filmed Matthew, who had told me he had a concert to attend that evening so I was a little conscious of time. Prior to the interview, I must of double checked I had all the right equipment 100 times but when I got to the location for Matthew’s interview I realised I had forgotten the xlr cables to connect the zoom h4n to the sennheiser mic my good friend Donnacha from Cock and Bull had lent me for both my interviews this week. PANIC.


Matt, the gent

Conscious of time, I was straight out honest with Matt I had forgotten this vital piece of kit. I thought for a minute I could maybe use the zoom in built sound but knew it wouldn’t of done the same justice as the sennheiser mic. Luckily Matt was an absolute gent and said he didn’t mind if I ran to get another one. Thankfully the Interview was on Parnell St, just around the corner from Maplins, so I sprinted around and bought a cable. Usually I wouldn’t buy cables from here as the prices in Maplins (sorry Maplins) tend to be pricey at best of times but I didn’t care. The staff in Maplins were very helpful though, a semi good plug? maybe.

Some screen grabs from Matt’s Interview:

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.18.02

Talking about Sibelius

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.16.00

Matt’s Interview went really well and was so interesting to get an insight into a composers ways of songwriting from the birth of a song to viewing the end product of a musical piece at one of his own concerts and the feeling of hearing it properly for the first time.

Something I am also doing religiously is backing up everything I film for my FYP after loosing all my footage from a short film I shot in 3rd year. I suppose it was a good lesson to learn..! Photographic Evidence:

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.12.03


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