Passing a message

The past few weeks my project supervisor has been beckoning me to see the overall message I’m trying to convey in my fyp documentary.

I originally thought I had that covered going in with the notion being “the process of songwriting” which would of been well and good if there was time to be with people for a longer period of time or even to see them every few weeks. Alas, this isn’t the case, so to compensate this their should be a clear message in the documentary other than the process. By knowing this message, this will help me shape the questions I’ll ask people and have as a reference to refer back to if I ever get stuck in an interview or later in the editing room.

I live in a little town called Lusk and I often have to make long commutes to travel around. The other day when I was going to town on the train I thought I’d use my time wisely rather than listening to music and looking into space so I got out my notepad and began to write.

I set out writing questions that I was interested in asking my interviewees. As I began jotting down, some clear things began to present itself. Something I discovered I was really keen to ask was ‘where a song actually came from?’ A question I wanted to ask was when writing down lyrics do you feel yourself going into auto pilot and began to write lyrics that your sub-concious is kinda in control off. Other questions like how your feelings, emotions and state of mind the day or night of writing come into play with the overall song. When I say ‘writing’ by this I don’t only mean words and lyrics but music too. If you play a particularly chord or musical segment in the morning it most likely will feel a lot different that night.

Something that I began to see a pattern in aswel was the ‘craft of songwriting’, does it become easier the more you do it? Or is their one burst of creativity that you’ll never be able to beat again? (beat doesn’t quite make sense but I hope that’s clear)

I think the craft and art of songwriting is something I can really focus in on and the development it has on someones process. ie does it get easier?


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