Improving my Lighting Skills

Some critique I got at the presentation in January was that the lighting for my interviews needs to be of much more high quality and just generally better than what I had done in my test videos. I was kinda aware of this as I filmed both of my test interviews in the evening with little or no lights. Which won’t  be the case for my final documentary, I promise!

Today I took it upon myself to look up loads of different tutorials, readings and anything I could find to familiarise myself with the topic of lighting, especially lighting interviews specifically.

I particularly found one good video on lighting interviews on a great YouTube channel called Film Riot. An excellent resource for any budding film-maker / DSLR video user.

Look and Feel

This will be something I should have perfected by the time I start interviewing people properly so I’m gonna do some test footage in the next few days. The interviews will make up an important part of the documentary and if they look poorly lit it will really bring down the look and feel of my finished piece.

No one likes to look at grainy footage.

(not of course if that’s what your going for..!)

Lesson learned here: Backlights make things so much prettier.


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