Meeting Peoples – Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

Apologies for my lack of blogging over the past few weeks but it has not been in vain. This project is my highest priority right now and I find it hard to go even an hour without thinking about it.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most talented musicians currently in the Irish music scene. This came about through a little site called Twitter and being a fan of Dublin filmmaker Myles O’Reilly.

Myles has been creating beautiful music videos and live gig documentaries over the past 4 years for his YouTube channel which has grown into something of a vast archive of great Irish bands and songwriters. I was semi introduced to his videos through Ian Cudmore our video lecturer here at ITB. I say semi introduced as I remember seeing some of his work then completely forgetting about it, then being re-introduced when Ian mentioned him one day as he happens to be his good friend and neighbour. I tweeted Myles a few weeks ago cheekily asking him ‘Need a hand filming? ;)’ after seeing a tweet by him saying he was shooting a band called the Staves (*who I love and had previously met in my work experience at Cock and Bull TV) that night in whelans. He then got back to me saying sure thing come long, BUT here’s where the story gets funny. I never got his message till way later that evening..whoops. Anyway I messaged him apologising and he took none from it and told me he’d ask me along next time he was filming. Sweet.

A week later on a Saturday evening I got a text asking if I wanted to shoot Conor O’ Brien of Villagers playing at the Young Hearts Charity gig in Newmarket Square. Quite funny as this was initially the reason I discovered Myles’s videos was through the video he made of Villagers live at the Workmans Club.

After a few texts saying Thank you, yes please and the likes I was shooting alongside Myles as Conor belted out this new tune ‘My Lighthouse’ from Villagers new album ‘Awayland’ due out next month featuring the great Rhob Cunningham (who I’m also a big fan of)

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting other Irish songwriters such as Cathy Davey, Lisa Hannigan and Neil Hannon through doing stuff with Myles the past few weeks. I plucked up the courage and mentioned my project to a few of them and some of them seem genuinely interested so if I could get some of them involved it would be a big dream come through for me.

Over the next few weeks I plan to further my prototypes that I made of Stevin and Oisin. This will be my first time testing out how editing between two interviews will work out.

After Christmas I’m gonna start working on the presentation for the end of phase 1 of the final year project.

Talk Soon!


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