Inspiring films – A SKIN, A NIGHT, a film by Vincent Moon.

Tonight I re-watched a documentary I seen a year ago or so that I think influenced me very heavily the time I first watched it – unknown to me at the time. From what I gather, Vincent Moon is a one man band when filming but there’s something about the way he cuts from scene to scene that just makes the whole thing very smooth and an absolute joy to watch. This film documents the band, The National in between recording their third album ‘Boxer’ (which would ultimately lead to their commercial breakthrough) and just coming of touring their last album.

As some of you may know, Vincent Moon is the creator behind the revolutionary and popular web series La Blogothèque and the Take-Away Shows which have also had a big influence on me and many other indie film-makers today.

Whether purposely or not he also uses some hidden metaphors in the documentary that when i first watched wouldn’t of picked up but noticed a second time. For example in between touring and starting to record the album there’s a brief in between scene of a group of kids playing with paper planes, this could be said to be a metaphor for there rise in popularity and success that would come upon them after recording the album.

It documents the process of the album very cleverly and beautifully, “it’s almost like he’s not here”, even as one of the band members say.

It was made back around 5-7 years just before the DSLR revolution, and what I kind of like about this documentary is the look and feel of the overall piece. It’s kinda grainy but in a nice way with some really warm colours and a sort of enhanced contrast which works really well for this film. I really like some of the shots he composed in the film also. It maybe an on the fly documentary, but he sure took the time to think about how we would compose his shots and as Ian Cudmore mentioned the other day in a lecture “Always think about how it will make it’s way into the edit when filming” this is something you can clearly see how the film-maker was thinking when filming this documentary.

I took some grabs of shots I really liked for inspiration:




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