Contacting People

At the moment I’m gathering names and contact information of possible people I can feature in my final year project. I’m contemplating how to go about contacting people. I’m thinking of either giving people a brief description of what I’m aiming to do, explain this is a college project and if people are interested they can get back in touch with me OR I could make some sort of media item (poster, video) to see would people contact me from this, about getting involved in the project.

As the panel told me at the pitches, if I’m going to make this I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone and not only restrict to filming people ‘who I know’. 

I’m preparing a wish list of people who I know would be willing to take part in it aswel as people who I don’t know on a personal basis. As I want to make the documentary as broad as possible I’m going to try and have a good contrast in people from various different genre’s and ages. This is something I am being conscious of in this stage.


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