Final Workshop – Stanford Design Thinking Process

So a few weeks ago we had our last creative workshop with Danny before our final year projects pitches which took place this friday (I will talk more on this later) It was a really fun workshop and really expanded everyones normal thinking process.

First Danny introduced us to the Stanford D T process and gave us a little background info on it.

This is a technique used by many creative designers and companies looking to discover a solution to a problem. For the workshop Danny gave us a task of re inventing the Gift giving process.

First we all broke into groups of 2 people and interviewed each other about our various opinions on the gift giving process, our likes and dislikes etc. During this music was played also to ease people while talking.

After this we then looked at each others results (during the interviews we were asked to take notes on each others answers). Through this we had to find a problem that our partner was having with the giving giving process. After this then in our groups of 4, we had to pick one problem one of us was having with the gift giving process and tackle it and think of a solution for.

In the next stage rather than brainstorming and each of us talking about what we thought was a good idea we had what I like to call, the 10 minute spitting round. We were given an a4 page and told to come up with as much as 100 ideas in 10 minutes. During this it was also important to stand up while spitting out ideas. This was a real fun exercise and something that really suited my group. We were the first group to reach over 100 ideas!

After this we then had to pick the 4 worst and best ideas we came up with. Next we were asked to try and make our worst idea and best idea work. We then went around the class and seen what peoples solutions were. Finally we were told to prototype the solution we came up with in our groups. For this we developed an app that would give people a better understanding of who the person really is so they would have a better idea of what kind of present they would like. I think our problem was Aza was having trouble giving presents that came from the heart (sorry Az!!)

I really liked this workshop, this style of tackling an idea is definitely something that I can see myself using in the future.


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