Final Year Project Pitches

So we had our final year pitches on friday! We were given a three minute slot each and had to pitch our idea to the panel and our classmates (scary!!)

I prepared my pitch in Illustrator. As we each had three minutes I just made 3 slides for each minute.

Check it out here: pitch slides.


I suppose I should give you the first little insight into what my project is.

So music plays a very important role in who I am as a person so it seemed like a natural step for me to do something surrounding music. When I was doing my work experience last year at Cock and Bull TV i would meet musicians and bands week in week out a question I always wanted to ask them was how the normally write a song? Is it the same steps each time? or is something different each time? It’s something I have always thought about and always discussed with people so I thought to myself “Why not do that for your final year project?”

So basically for my FYP I plan to make a documentary surrounding this topic. I’m really excited, It’s gonna be great fun (hopefully..!) The panel seemed to like my idea anyway so I was happy 🙂

This idea was also cultivated through my new side project with fellow CDMee Stephen Allen – Musicians With Cameras.

We do weekly videos filming bands and songwriters in unique locations. Check out some of my favourite ones:



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