Second Workshop!

For our second workshop in conjunction with the final year project we delved into prototyping and the ways you go about executing a problem and then solving it.

First Niamh showed the class this really cool website called the, this website declares:

“It dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change peoples behavior for the better”

Niamh showed us two really cool examples of this.

The first one was a bottle bank that was turned into an arcade style game that whenever you put in bottles it clocked up points. It then compared this bottle bank to another one close by and according to studies the non-arcade one only got 3 visitors in total one day. Next they wanted to try and encourage more people to use stairs rather than escalators in subway stations so they built a human sized like piano along the stairs. The video then shows a before and after they built the piano and it is evident that more people are taking the stairs with the piano built one.

Here’s the arcade bottle machine and Piano stairs examples:

We then had to come up with some examples of things that annoy us. Some example were:

Talking in cinemas

Not cleaning up after yourself in the cafeteria

Smoking on campus

Not using indicators when driving

Not washing your hands

Niamh then split us into groups to work on a prototype of solving one of these problems with something fun. I was in a group with Julie and Emma, we chose ‘Smoking on campus’.

We brainstormed ways we could stop people smoking everywhere on campus as people are only aloud smoke in the dedicated areas this year in college.

We discussed maybe putting speakers in the smoking area and loads of other ideas. In the end we went with the idea of making a viral video catching people smoking in the non-designated areas. In this viral video we would set up a team of people to attack the smokers with silly string and water balloons etc and capture it all on video. We coined the name of “Caught Rapid” for the name of the videos. As part of the workshop was Prototyping we made some storyboards of the timeline of the video.


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