Final Year Project Phase 1

Workshop Number 1

I’ve decided I’m going to revamp my old blog that I used to use in first and second year for my final year project. I was checking the stats today and discovered that I’ve had over 40,000 hits over the past few years which is pretty mad. Which got me thinking about how when we die how much of a digital footprint will we leave behind? Crazy! Anyway final year project!

Today we had our first final year project workshop which we’ll be doing to basically get our heads thinking about what we’ll be ultimately doing for our FYP. First Danny and Hugh broke us into groups and gave us the task of pitching an idea combining the world of digital media with cows ps we also only had 20 minutes.

My group was Stephen, Ciaran, Fiona and I.

We started first brainstorming what a cow is, what they do and also how they are perceived in modern society and popular culture. We then stumbled across the word “Cash Cow” when we were brainstorming. This came from the idea of a cow bank which someone thought of. So our idea/concept was a multi-platform website/app where various different creatives could upload there work and could semi-copyright it and where people could browse and buy rights to there work but it would also act as a place where people could browse for inspiration.

It was a really fun workshop and I look forward to the next one!


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