Stop Motion Part 2 – Movie Quote Madness.

Needless to say since my last installment of the stop motion project alot has happened & I’m now delighted to say with a breath of fresh air that i’m sure James & Ciaran would agree with “We’re Finished!” Woo…

So where did we go from the idea of the 2 Action Men & Movie Quotes? Alot!

After we came to a conclusion of what we wanted It was pretty easy to come up with the script & applying the actions to what each character was going to do.

We named the Video: Harry -Vs- Ivan Movie Quote Madness;

I came up with the genius name of Harry, and Ciaran came up with the equally genius name of Ivan as that Action Man had a very Russian-esque feel to him.. Bless him! or should I say : бог благословляет его!?



Shooting the stop motion was a very difficult & tedious part but all 3 of us learned alot of stuff from doing it. It was hard because we had to use blue tac etc to hold both action men in place aswell as Myself & Ciaran having to hold them in position too as there were some positions where they weren’t steady enough to stand up without falling over.

After 4 days of shooting and hours apon hours of SNAP* {move position} SNAP* {move position} SNAP* {action man falls over} SCREAMS (fix action man} SNAP* …… and so on… we were done!


So the editng part, which we knew would probably be the hardest part!

For this part firstly we re-sized are images in Photoshop, next we broke are whole 650 Images into different folders as to accompidate Flash troubles etc After this we began editing around are images and stop motion; I believe this part was very tedious; I didn’t do this part of the editing but Ciaran said it took a good bit of getting used to! So i’m kinda lucky I got in charge of sound. So once all the video editing was done.. the Audio was next.

We originally intended to record voice-overs to the movie quotes ourselves but we soon learned it would be very hard to sync up with the stop motion so we just recorded ourselves for the first part of the dialogue and for the rest we just got the audio from the movies, chopped it up in garage band and applied it to the stop motion.

After this it was Intro and Outro Music!

Once this was done myself and Ciaran felt rather than just getting music from the internet or such we would make a little jingle/song ourselves and put it in the stop motion for the  intro/outro. So we got together one day after college with are acoustic guitars and sure one thing led to another and before we knew it we had a funky little riff with some beautifully played chords by the man himself, Ciaran.  Once we felt comfortable with the song we recorded it using GarageBand in Ciarans room. We were very happy with it for the lack of recording gear we had, and we really felt it went well with the overall feel for the Stop Motion.

Overall this project was really fun aswell as equally difficult but I feel we all learned alot and are group got closer now because of it.

Ocean Approaching as we are almost coming to the end of are last semester being first year Digital Media students TEAR* 😦

Its being one hell of e year. I’ve really had a ball and have made some really truely great friends that I will have for the rest of my life.

My mam always used to say to me it’s always good to finish with a quote so I Shall leave you with this.

Take me to the Bar,

& Fill me up with Beer.

Much Love xo


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