Working In Digital Media with Robbie Ward.

BPM MEDIA- Instore Music & Video.

The Monday just gone before last Robbie Ward of  BPM Media (which is coincidently situated in Blanchardstown Corporate Park) came in to speak to us about his experience within Digital Meda.

Robbie began with showing us a video of an example of the kind of work BPM Media do. The video was a collagae/Mash up of different pop/dance music you would hear in a nightclub on a Saturday night with suttle advertisments stuck in at the end casually as I would say with the music still playing in the background.

If you didn't know what a Nightclub was...................


They also apply some interactive activity for viewers to these such video’s by setting up text messaging lines so people can send message’s to each other. Up to 300 people on average would send in messages each night. Robbie reflected during the talk that they had to set up a language filter eventually because you can imagine the amount of fun people would have with it within a club. Personally speaking i’m not a fan of these videos you see in nightclub’s, I think it’s maybe cause i’m not a fan of the music they apply to them. Like Come on man…. Its hard enough listening to Lady Gaga let alone The Pussycat Dolls & Rihanna.

So yes, thats an example of such work BPM Media are involved in. Aswell as nightclub’s..they also do similar stuff in :

  • Pub’s
  • Cafe’s
  • Shopping Centre’s
  • Retail Outlets etc

At the beginning of the lecture Robbie put a slide up containing the words “Relevance is King”

For his example Robbie continued by saying showing these Music video collage’s during the day in a Cafe just wouldn’t have the same effect as showing it in a Nightclub. However in a Cafe it would be relevent by highlighting a Lunch Special/Coffee.
Throughout his talk he stressed how important it is knowing your audience as in :

  • Who visit’s the venue?
  • How often…. and When?
  • & the important part : Using all of this information aswel as customer expanditure to create a profile!

Effect of Digital Signage

By using Digital Media it can safe buisness’s like Restaurants & Cafe’s money because by having a Digital Menu rather than a print menu the restaurant can change the menu throughout the day to suit the particular time ie Breakfast Menu’s, Dinner Menu’s.

Another interesting point he spoke about was that people believe things more than anything when its on a screen/television. So by using Digital Menu’s Restaurants have the ability to be more presuasvive to there customers for example If a particular desert wasn’t doing well that day, and the restaurant made a change to the menu and said :

Chocolate Cake with Cream – Buy in the next half hour and get 30 % off!

It’s things like this that make people believe there getting a bargin and why they ultimately buy the desert.

Another crucial thing is Audio. This could be arguably more important than visuals. Ever left a shop or anything because the music was to loud? Having everything at just the right level is as i said very crucial.. it could determine whether or not a customer buys something.

I Enjoyed this lecture very much so, I learned alot of things i never really thought about before and can see this sort of buisness becoming more and more popular as the digital revolution progress’s through the age.


Until my next post….


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