Stop Motion Project – Part 1.

Background & Story Idea

<Working In Digital Media>

Note to self: So I’m naming this blog stop motion project – part 1 in hoping I will write more about this said advernture.

First things first so as I already stated in my previous post’s as a part of my course Creative Digital Media we will be doing a stop motion group project sometime this year and that time has just come about! We have been split into mainly groups of 3-4 people; In my group there’s myself, Ciaran and James. A worthy team i might add. So the brainstorming process was very messy as expected but we did finally come to a conclusion after a week of many cups of Tea/Coffee, bottles of Coke,bottles of Lucozade (happy Ciaran), packets of waffles, and many more.

So we decided to do a stop motion collage of several famous movie quotes everything from Scarface to Lord of the Rings to even Mean Girls! ( just for the girls) ………….joking! actually a classic movie! I still haven’t got to the hard part, so we will be doing this stop motion famous movie quotes collage using 2 Action Men! ….this shall be fun we thought!

A Little teaser to keeps yous happy!

Untill my next installment of THE STOP MOTION PROJECT.

dun dun don*


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