Digital Media Field Trip go dtí an Dáil Éireann + the Science Gallery!

Today on the 23rd of March 2010, on a suprisingly dull grey Irsh day ( amazing weather we have here in Ireland ) the 1st year students of Creative Digital Media payed a visit to the Oireachtas which to anyone not from Ireland or who doesn’t know this is are goverment buildings and house of representives mainly known for the td proceedings at the main building inside it the Dáil.

Oireachtas - Dail Chamber

+ To the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin.

My day started off with an hour’s bus journey into the ye ol’ City Centre. My Bus Journey was not exactly pleasent to say the least. For my entire trip into the city centre I was lucky to sit infront of somebody who had a particular intrest for Metallica, so for the majority of my journey I heard this music belting out of this guy’s GIGANTIC headphones _ usage of the caps on gigantic was truely needed i swear to god. These headphones would litrually kill you! … although the last song i did hear him playing was “All you need is love” by the Beatles.. so there is hope still! for mysterous gigantic headphone metallica lover .. I will be refering to him as “MGHML” in my future post’s and throughout this particular post. + Seriously why do people feel the need to discuss there private live on Public Transport! – My god woman there is a time and a place. I discoverd this particular female ( i did not see her but bloody well heard her) had just had a nose operation and now as she said ” looked like a bleedin’ cocaine addict” + everything else said would possibly be a little bit to explicit for this particular blog.


Finally in City Centre. Yes!

I was actually looking forward to the wanderings around town today would bring.. as i no longer travel much through town as i get a lift to college with a fellow student . HAPPY DAYS. You see I live in a little town by the sea in North County Dublin called Rush so you see for the first 4 months of college I had to get 4 bus’s in 1 particular day – was not a worthy expierence! ..anyway yes was looking forward to rambles in town 🙂 On arriving in town, Myself and fellow Rush-ianian ( a person from rush) – stephen (the kind guy who gives me lifts to college) met up with the wonderful Ciaran, Aza, & James outside Mcd’s on Grafton Street. Next it was to the OIREACTHAS! woo

We all met outside the main building at 10.45 am… but as for usual…some peoples were late …fashionably may i add 😉 Anywho after a 10 minute or so lag we were all ushered into the waiting area within the Oireachtas where we were told of the order of the day’s proceedings within the building… Before are guided tour around the building we all went for Tea/Coffee in the lovely posh cafe’ within the Oireachtas… also during the briefing Ronan commented on are wonderful dressing. Big Kudos to the digital media peeps for keeping it real. I liked the comment by a so called annoymous student :


hahaha! bloody brilliant.

During are tea/coffee break there was a wee bit of discrimination between the tea and coffee drinkers .. having us split sides! Tea on the right Coffee on the left!!!! – What side are you?! – You tell me! ..myself .. I am a right hand man through and through .. although i have dabbled in the so called left hand antics so to speak.

After this little Tea pre-tour pep talk by are very own Ronan Mullen….which had him ranting on his own thoughts of are goverment proceedings/ system’s to everything from that to his thoughts on bran flakes …maybe not that but that would be cool. Next it was are guided tour around the main building!

Firstly we went up to main part of the building – the dail’ . This as I was saying early on is were all the main proceddings and talk’s happens between are goverment td’s etc – and is what you would see on any given news bulletin @ 9.0o in the evening. I really enjoyed this as having done History for the leaving cert, it was really cool to actually see what I always heard about. + Also on walking in it was amazing the feeling I felt…I mean the air of the place, the amount of history that this building has seen over the past 80 + Years or soo….

Just gave me a funny but nice sensation.

One thing which really stud out for me that I never knew before was that Michael Collins was the one who actually suggested the building would be great if Ireland ever got its own goverment….low and behold it did!

After this we were shown around the main parts of the building itself, I really liked the house itself…liked the general feel to it and all the history it had been through. One cool thing I learned was that the building is actually a country house as it only has a front enterance & a garden at the back. Amazing how this house built in the 18th Century would eventually become the centre of all of Irelands Goverment procedures throughout the 20th Century and still to this day the 21st Century.. madness.

Throughout the building there was loads of paintings of past taoiseach’s &  famous td’s etc such as Michael Collins, Cathal Brugha, previous Taoiseach+President of Ireland – Eamon De Velera. There was also one of the original Irish Declarations of Goverment written by the man himself Padraig Pearse that was sent around Dublin. Having done history again. This was very cool to actually see this.

Staircase in the main building - (this part of the building was built for Jfk's Visit in the 60's)

As we weren’t aloud take any photographs’ within the building this is the reason for the lackage although I did get one photo of myself taken on my amazingly crappy camera phone – I took this in the lobby of the main entance of myself but the idea was to get the beautfil architecture & artsy design on the roof of the building –

I love being a geek ……

In the main entrance....

All in all it was a very pleasant tour through this historic building. At least I can say I was there anywho 😀

After a brief Interlude of some delicious food from the wonderful Bad Ass Cafe!…………………


Apon coming into this Sciene gallery I wish Clodagh told us to swallow a dictionary of some sort .. some very big wordy concepts being said here! 😉

So yes…as part of are field trip today we also payed a visit to the science gallery where there was a current exhibition going on about ” Hyper-Bolic Crochet Coral Reef”

A funky groovy crotchet wolly design - So want this for my room!

Basically in simpler terms this is an exhibtion to highlight the dangers are reef”s are in through the usage of Mathimatics – Science – & Art. Currently due to global warming are reef’s are dieing basically due to this. My understandings of this Hyper-Bolic stuff is that scientists once said that it didn’t actually exhist within are world but then it was proved recently by a scientist who showed this through the usage of art I think. I really don’t wanna copy & paste what it means from Wikipedia cause you could do this anyway but yeah that’s my quirky understanding of it.

More funky wolly hpyperbolic designs!

The first people to do this arty/ hyperbolic/wolly funky cool design’s were two Australian twins Margaret & Christine Wertheim of the institute for figuring in Los Angeles. As there Australian they naturally were worried for the well being of the great barrier reef, so thought that Yes! This would be a excellent way of hightlighting this.


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