Working In Digital Media with Edward Melvin of Ican

Week 3

THIS WEEK in WIDM…. as are guestspeaker couldn’t make it in to the lecture, we watched a video of a guestspeaker the 2nd years had last year on Edward Melvin, a project manager of the Digital Media company “ICAN” . Link to the website

The Project Manager!

Personally I thought I would of payed more attention if Edward was actually giving us the  presentation but because we were watching a video i felt at times i got a bit to comfortable for my own liking.

Firstly Edward gave us a background of himself and how he got into the industry. When studying his arts degree in college he became apart of a college newspaper who put out a paper every 2 weeks and with this they had to meet every 2 weeks to discuss what was the topic of each edition etc and with this it helped him increase his managing skills & his intrest in Digital media (online paper) which was how he got into being a project manager. Ed also worked in a number of digital media companies such as web development companies & the well known media-hub Windmill Lane=

Now to ican…

ICANN is a Digital Advertisment agency, which ultimatley helps there clients improve there online status.


  • Online Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Advertisment Campagins
  • Search Engine Optimisation (whoozers thats abig one)…this basically means : fixing problems clients have done on the web.
  • Multi-Media Design

One great thing ICANN ultimatley do is:


This is great because its cuts out any of the confusion they client may have about the project they wants done. This is done simply by chatting to there client over a pint/lunch about the particular project and what they want out of it…how it looks etc.

Here’s some example’s of ican’s work;

One of ican’s top clients are Digicel. They make all of there websites and are responsible in general for there online status & advertisments etc

This is an screen shot of A Valentines Day campaign for Digicel on there very own website. As you can see they interlinked the colour of love red with the general look and feel for the page.

Digicel Website

A big job ican once done was making a website and designing an interface for Sony as part of there Sony Source catalogue. This was a very big client for ican and they very happily accepted as Sony would be an excllent client to put in there portfolio .

Sony - Source

This one was a campagin for WRC to help Tourism Ireland. On this quirky website you could upload a picture of you and a friend and this would go into a video of you on rally track with you & a friend driving the rally car. In this vidoe the rally drivers are Colin Farrel and Bono;

Ed also dwelved into the topic of converting! – What’s converting you say? Exactly the same question I asked myself. Its something i knew but didn’t know the word for myself! …Yes converting… This is

“A sale, a download, a visit, an open, a click, a new member, a cross-sell, an enquiry, a click, a booking, a forwarded email = it depends on the project objectives”

So how many clicks a banner ad gets for example! – This also will add to the payment ican get in the end result.

Ican’s team consits of

  • I Managing Director
  • 7 Creative
  • 7 Production
  • 5 Client Services
  • 3 Media
  • 2 Search Marketing
  • 1 Accountant ( Ed : You always need one of these!)

Next we were told how a general Campagin/Project works. In a very simplistic run through its

Meetings > Strategy > Brief > Brainstorm > Proprosal > Concept.

Some briefs are better than others . According to Ed a good brief provides “clarity” so clear objectives, defined audience..Basically a brief with any gaps of vital information or if a client isn’t sure of anything. & A bad brief provides “oppurtunity”.. So its an open brief. They client may not be sure of objectives etc but ican will help there client and help define there vision.

Finally he told us his primarly role as A Project Manager of ican:

WHICH IS: “To deliver a profitable project for the agency on time, within budget and to client expectations”.


I thought I might take this time to include my Book Cover which we created for are module Working In Digital Media in the limelight that we might use it to have as a cover of are CV to bring to an interview if we were applying for a job within the field of Digital Media.

Overall I enjoyed Ed’s talk. I liked the part of the talk on the  jobs  in a digital media company & the roles people do within a digital media company + how they go about a project. Again would of been so much better if it wasn’t A video!!!

Untill next time!


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