Working In Digital Media with Geraldine Gray.

Week 2 – 12/2/10

Topic – Learning styles

This week in Working In Digital Media we had are first guestspeaker Geraldine Gray. Geraldine is a lecturer here at are very own ITB and shared her knowledge of learning styles.  At first I thought to myself what has learning styles got to do with Digital Media but soon it dawned on me how important it actually is to know how we all learn/and take information as we are all different. I still haven’t gotten to how this links in with this module. Its very simple as were Digital Media students and we’ll be interacting with different types of people everyday in are field it is vital to know how were all differnt and retain information and from learning this we will be able to apply this to are work.

Geraldine first shed light on us about categorizing people.

There are many different ways of categorizing people, according to the publication in the UK there are 60 different ways of categorizing people but there are 5 main ways of categorizing people.

  1. Channel or mode of learning style
  2. Cognitve strenghts of learning
  3. Manner or style of learning
  4. Personality types
  5. Types of learning behavior

Categorizing people/or ducks

After this we learned about what type of learners there are that being Visual, Kinaesthetic and Auditory learners.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners benefit & retain knowledge better bydiscussing a particular topic in a  group; or by asking questions. Tips for Auditory learners are such things as recording classes and listening to them, forming study groups or making up Rhymes to remember things.

Group Discussion is suited for Auditory Learners.

Record Classes'

Kinaesthetic Learners

With regards to Kinaesthetic learners, these type of learners gain more knowledge of a particular subject by doing a more hands on approach to the subject for example If somebody was doing a photography course they would be learning more stuff in practical classes to lecture classes or if somebody was learning a particular software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator they would be gaining more knowledge by using the actual software rather than looking at video’s on how to use certain tool’s etc. Kinaesthetic learners should take frequent breaks while studying & If you can change the location everytime when you are studying also

Learning by touch

Kinaesthetic learners are known to learn by touch so these learners would benefit more in practical classes. These learners would be good at sport, music and many other things.

Here’s a cool Video giving advice what to if your a Kinaesthetic learner:

Visual Learners

Finally Visual learners, these types of learners would learn more on a subject by diagrams, charts, demonstartion, videos and so on…These type of learners would benefit by using such things as timeline’s and mind maps to help them improve there knowledge of a particular subject.

Mind map

+ T I M E L I N E S


Myers Brigg Model- Personality

Next we looked at the Myers Brig model to see what type of personailty we had.

According to Myers peoples personailtys can be broke down into 16 categories bases on these 8 concepts…

Extraversion (E) ____________ Introversion (I)

Sensing (S) ___________________Intuition (N)

Judging (J) _________________Perceptive (P)

Thinking (T) __________________ Feeling (F)

When I put mine together I got ESJF which ultimatley means,


“ESFJs direct their energy towards the outer world of actions and spoken words. They seek to build harmony in personal relationships, engendering team spirit and being an encouragement to others. They like dealing with people, and organise life on a personal basis.”

If you’d like to find out what you are go here! =


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