Working In Digital Media

Semester 2 – Week 1

Hello one and all!

Well were finally back into the swing of things with the first week of the semester over with and I for one am loving it!

This semester as apart of are new module Working In Digital Media we’ll be keeping a blog of all are doings and adventures over the course of the semester.

The week started of with are first lecture in working in digital media. In this lecture Clodagh showed us all of the cool things we’d be doing this semester  – a stop motion picture, book cover, are personal favourite – presentations and finally a digital leaflet. In this module + Multi-media authoring we’ll be learning to use the adobe favourties – Adobe Flash & Adobe Illustrator and improving are understanding of the Digital Media industry itself through a number of guestspeakers. I’l be keeping track of these guest speakers on the blog too so keep an eye out for that aswell.

In this lecture also we were shown a number of stop motion video’s to get are creative juices flowing. Here is one example we were shown:

+ here’s one I found which I think is just pure   G  E  N   I  U  S


In are practical class this week we were introduced to Adobe Illustrator.

In this lab we did a number of exercise’s to familiarize ourselfs’s with the software. We used such tools as the Rectangular grid tool, Eclipse tool and finally the star tool to recreate an adapted version of the american flag. Firsly we used the ruler to divide are sheet into equal grid’s, next we made use of the rectangular grid tool to ouline the area’s. Once this was done we selected the chosen colour- in this case red. After this we made a circle using the Eclipse tool then we inserted a star inside the circle making use of the Star tool. We also learned how to put colours behind & infront of things.

American Logo - made in 'Adobe Illustrator'


We also used a cool little tool called the Flare tool.

Starting with this firstly we got sheet and made a coloured background, after this we selected the tool and as you move your mouse around it creates a number of circles. Personally I can see myself using this tool an awful lot in the near future!

Flare tool


In are tutorial lab this week we met are new lecturer Ronan Mullen. In this lab we learned about Ronan, and we also shared with him abit of background on ourselves too. We also looked at a handout on Interview’s and CV’s. After this we worked on are first assignment for this module which was to create are own unique cv incorparating are own little design as we are Creative Digital Media Students. This assignment was worth a total of (5%) of the module.

This week carrying on from the Digital Photography module we were also introduced to a new module called Digital Imaging. In this we will mainly be improving are editing skills in Adobe Photoshop .

In this blog I will be uploading some example we do in the laps. This week we created a 4 way picture using some cool tools.


Montage made with Adobe Photoshop

Anyway thats all for this week, hope you enjoyed the tails !




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