Visual Language Week 11

Typography :

In todays final lecture of Visual Language *Tear* We looked at typography;

Firstly Take a look at this Great video on typography:

“Typography is what language looks like”

We first looked at the Origin of letters which led us back to many many years ago when cave people used to draw pictures of suns, rocks, & moons.

The first written language to be based on an Alphabet was Phonencian around 1500BC

As the phonecian alphabet only represented consonants it wasn’t until the Greek Alphabet when vowels were introduced and with this became the source for all the modern scripts of Europe. Also this was the first time people started reading left to right – Greek Alphabet.

Next Roman Capitols came from a development from the Greek Alphabet. Letters were painted on a stone with a broad brush; next letters were carved; & the sculptor would finish with a “cap”-Serif



As writing these letters were very time consuming this led to the development of Unical-Script which could be written much faster;

Further Development led to Half-unical script which certain letters gained increased descenders & ascenders.

Example of an ascender & descendor

In the Renaissance Human Script was invented: The shapes of this were taller, slender and more open.

Next Gothic Script:

From the 13th century to the
end of manuscript book
production in the late 15th and
16th centuries, Gothic textura
became, in a minor range of
variants, a relatively
standardised form of book hand.


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