Portfolio for Digital Photography

Hey Dude’s and Dudette’s!

In the middle of the long and grewsome STEPHEN WOULD NOT BE HAPPY! i mean brilliant’  process of picking the 10 photographs for my portfolio which is unbelievable hard as i took well to many pictures..

TRY 300. ahhh :O

Take a look in my flickr feed to see some examples of my theme.

The Theme i went for was “A Beach Through Rush”...

The Beach i lived nearest to is rush and its just a pawn on the word rush’

I dont think il be including this one in the porfolio though*

The beautiful south beach in Rush'

Hope you like some of the photo’s in the Flickr;

I’l be editing and cropping my photo’s tomorrow and get them printed over the weekend so wish me luck!

Have a good weekend everyone

hugs and virtual kisses

Luke xo


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