My Promotional Video For Digital Media!


This video has been the guts of my labour for the past week! 🙂

Hope you like it.. the video was edited on imovie 09, and was shot with a standart dv camera..Although the college is after getting in brand new hd’ cameras this week so we get to use them for are next assignment which il get to in a moment.

The music in the video is a song by Groove Armada called ‘If Everybody Looked the Same‘. I don’t know how exactly i came around to choosing the music but i think what happened was.. I through on the ol Ipod and put it on shuffle *Which i never do! and this was the first song that came on…and i was just gobsmacked because i was looking for music for the video at the time . Though i didn’t notice at the time the lyrics to the song very much go together with college life/college and the diversity it has with many different cultures and people from different backgrounds alike. etc

The verse is ..

*If everybody looked the same
We’d get tired looking at each other*

I think it does anyway

We got graded on it today, and i’m well chuffed with my mark! Gwan!

For are next and final Assignment of the Semester .1. We have to make a college student Interview / Podcast with a collage of images and video footage so looking forward to that now! I’l throw that up on the blog when im finished that aswel which will be in and around the 17th December !

Thats it from me for now,

Happy Fridays….


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