Visual Language Week 9.


Well Hello

It’s been a while since my last blogpost on a Lecture for Visual Language due to The IMMA field trip and The Mid-Term but now that were back in action I have loads of new interesting stuff to talk about!

The main topic of this weeks Lecture was Semiotics.

Firstly Semiotics is: ‘the study of relationships among patterns of preciption and meaning’.

In a way in todays lecture we learned about what we already know, but why we overlook certain things like a sign?

For an example of what i mean, at the beginning of today’s lecture we learned one of main concepts about Semiotics brought up by the artist Renne Magritte. Mr. Magritte shocked people when he put on his picture of a Pipe;

‘This is not a pipe’…Why on Earth did he say this in not a pipe when the picture was cleary a pipe?


To explain better take a look at this picture of a lily i took while in Donegal, What is it?. a lily you say?…Well quite frankly its not a lily itself!!….but its a digital image photograph of a Lily! This is the concept that Renne Magritte was tryna get at.

Lily Pad

THIS IS NOT A LILY PAD!....its an digital image of a lily pad

For are next assignment in Visual Language as part of are study and better understanding of Semiotics We have to portray a celebrity in 3 different ideologies: for example.

  • I am Evil
  • I am Popular
  • I am Feminine
  • I am Masculine


Check out my next Blog to see how i got on!

In other news today in are Visual Language lab class we were introduced to Photoshop even more, and we got a little exercise making a lemon head using some of the tools in photoshop, Still not finished but here’s an idea of what it looks like




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