Visual Language & Digital Photograhy Trip to Imma – 22/10/09

Well on a reasonably nice day on Friday the 22nd of October the students of Creative Digital Media in Itb payed a visit to Imma, the Irish museum of modern art.

Everyone met at half 11 outside the main building and after roll check etc we all received general briefs outlining are objectives for each module for the day.

After been split into general groups; one group taking pictures around the grounds of Imma for digital photography, while the second group went into the museum for visual language.

For digital photography we had to use the skills we learned from lectures & labs by taking several different photos’ around the grounds of Imma using different settings on the cameras manual settings- everything from aperture to shutter speed.

For Visual Language we had to discuss and sketch 3 pieces of art we saw in the museum that we liked.

As i had a camera, I first went around the grounds of Imma taking photo’s for digital photograhy..

Here are some of the photo’s i took..

p.s……. all photo’s within the museum were done by the use of a certain phone 😉

Imma Gardens

The gardens outside the museum

Field trip and academy gig 128

Little figure, and art outside the imma building

Field trip and academy gig 169

Photo of a pole in the grounds of the imaa building = NOT THE SPIRE!!!!


Close up of flower through the use of aperture


A bus outside the imma building through very slow shutter speed

Field trip and academy gig 165

this is moi in the main ground of IMMA

Next it was into the Museum for Visual Language…….creepy music played here*

  1. The first piece of art i seen in the museum that i really took a shine to was “Peacock” by the the american artist Kiki Smith. The piece was made up of papier máche ( which is basically paper mixed together with pva glue) & napel paper with ink. The measurements of the piece was 67.3 by 44.5 by 54.6 and it was added to the imma collection in 1997. From reading up about the artist i found out she is classified as a feminist artist and that her work often includes the theme of birth and regeneration. Smith has also been active in debate over controversies such as AIDS, gender, race, and battered women.
Visual_Language 002

Peacock by the american feminist artist Kiki Smith'

Field trip and academy gig 185

My own sketch of Kiki Smiths The peacock'

With regards to the texture of the sculpture of the person sitting on the ground, it looked to me very rough and unfinished but i guess that was the sort of texture the artist was looking for because it went really well with the overall piece as a whole, my first reaction from the colour was that it was very pleasant on the eyes, and the colours used complement each other although there is only really 2 colours used but how and ever.

I really liked this piece of art because it felt like i was looking at myself looking at the piece, as there’s a sculpture of a person sitting on the ground observing it ( i sat on the ground sketching the piece).. so it kinda gives you the t feeling your observing yourself in a way .. it may sound crazy but hey its art we all precieve things differently….

Oh i also seen this on the roof in this part of the Museum which i thought was one of the coolest pieces of art throughout the Museum although i dont think it was apart of the exhibition but il throw a picture up of it anyway 😉

Visual_Language 004

Tilt your head to the left to get the fool affect of it

The next part of the museum i went to was the gordon lambert galleries ” TRACES”, as from what i gathered this was pieces of art donated to the museum by local Irish artists.


Field trip and academy gig 160

into the gallery i go................

The next piece of art i saw that i liked was an untilted picture by an Irish artist called Alex Katz.

Field trip and academy gig 125


Field trip and academy gig 188

my own sketch of the untitled picture

I dont know what i liked about this picture; i think its the fact i couldnt figure out what emotion the person in the picture was feeling, and had me thinking about it for sometime, either way i liked it. The picture is made up of line and colour, in that the outline of the face is done by different lines and the colour in the backround has a widescale effect on the overall piece because if it was any other colour it would be completley different and wouldnt have the same effect .


I went out into the imma gardens to look for my third and final piece of art to document, and i came across this………

Field trip and academy gig 119

axe to the tree

Field trip and academy gig 191

my own sketch of axe and tree

Im not going to embarrass myself by pretending to make up information about the artist because i honestly havent got a clue who did it; or the texture etc but im guessing the axe is made up of some sort of metal 🙂

I went back to the Imma over the mid term to show one of my artsy friends and there was a whole new exhibition going on in one part of the building all about balloons… it also meant one other thing more pictures…. wooo

Field trip and academy gig 122

a room full of helium ballons .... thats art man

Overall i thought the fieldtrip was good fun, and a good expierence, the only bad thing i have to say about the museum is…they should put up some bloody instructions how to use those damn lockers, i mean seriously it took me and stephen litrually about 20 minutes to get them working………..

deep breath



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