Visual Language Week 5.

Digital Image Formats:

Hai hai 🙂

Woah this was an interesting one! well this week in Visual Language we started getting into the “nitty gritty“(sorry people that doesn’t make actual sense, how and ever i dont wanna take it out) part of the course.

This week we started covering BITMAPS,different types of BITMAP IMAGING FORMATS,VECTORS and we were Introduced to Photoshop the editing photo programme.

Bitmap Imaging Formats=

  • TIFF (.tif)
  • BMP (.bmp)
  • PICT (.pct)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • JPEG (.jpg)

We learned:

That a bitmap graphic is a large grid with alot of little squares & that if you put a different colour in each square you can build an image up square by square!

We also discovered that this is how computer monitors and televisions work (series of little squares ( pixels) in a big grid ( the screen).

A bitmaps quality & appearance is determined by

  1. Its Size
  2. & Its Resolution

Resolution refers to several different things in different contexts. Sometimes it references the density of pixles, and is usually expressed as DOTS PER INCH = (DPI)

Resolution of an image describes how fine the dots are that make up the image. So for example if you had 2 of the same images and one was 32 x 32 and one was 72 x72.  The 72 x 72 one would be much sharper to the viewer!

We learned that basically all photo programmes use bitmap imaging formats for example to name a few:

  • Adope Photoshop
  • Coral Photopaint
  • Macromedia Fireworks
  • PaintShop Pro.

Vectors are different to Bitmaps because while bitmaps use a number of small squares to build up an image, Vectors graphics use a number of points, lines, and curves.

Introduction to Photoshop.

Introduction to Photoshop.

After this we learned how we could use Photoshop to change around the appearnce of a whole person by the touch of  a mouse by looking at video’s on Youtube &  how many magazines use it on a daily basis.

After the lecture we went to the lab and we started messing around with photoshop.

Being new to the mac’s i found it a bit tricky at first but after an hour or so i found it real user friendly 🙂

Photoshop is all good

Photoshop is all good

Im looking forward to using it more, and cant wait to learn more advanceded stuff about the programme 🙂

Oh i nearly forgot to say!.. at the end of are lecture we were told about are fieldtrip, were going to IMMA ( The Irish Museem of Modern Art) next week so looking forward to that now ! woo 😀



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