Visual Language Week 4.


Busy Busy Busy!

In week 4’s ‘Visual Language’ we learned about all the different aspects with colour. For example

  • THE COLOUR WHEEL! – We discovered that “the colour wheel” is made up of primary colours that cannot be created by mixing different colours, & we also learned that by mixing two primary colours together a colour called a secoundary colour is created, for example by mixing  Blue and Red we get purple, & Yellow and Blue makes Green.
The Colour Wheel!

The Colour Wheel!

Also I thought being a big Pink Floyd fan i might add in a picture of the cover of Dark Side of the Moon as it has some relevance in what we were learning this week with prism’s etc!

The Exceptional Album & Cover.

The Exceptional Album & Cover.

  • We also learned about Value, Intensity and Hue – which is what colour is created by!

Value = When we describe black as dark and yellow as bright we are discussing its “Value” or “Brightness”

Hue = Hue is pointing to a colour on the colour wheel!

  • Next we learned about all the different colour schemes and what colours go together well, for example:


  1. Monochromatic
  2. Complimentary
  3. Split Complimentary
  4. Triadic
  5. &  finally Analogous
Heres a cool colour scheme i liked

Here's a cool colour scheme i liked

  • We learned about colour and meaning, how some colours give of certain feelings and vibe’s.

I found this part of this part of the lecture very interesting because its amazing how we get different emotions etc from colours!

After the lecture, we went to the lab class and finished of are first assignment by putting all the 60 different pictures together and putting them up on the wall around the lab class! I really thought it would be inpossible to finish of this assignment but once you get a few done your actually flying along. Take some advice also dont leave it to the last minute to finish them off… all nighters are not fun when there’s no caffine in the SYSTEM! 😦  haha

thanks for reading guys 🙂


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